$29.95 Special Price for the 80mg jar

$39.95 for the 100mg jar

$29.95 Special Price for the 80mg jar

$39.95 for 100mg


Our Full-Spectrum Pain Balm is specially formulated to reduce inflammation, minimize joint pain, and aid movement. Simply rub the balm onto the affected area at least twice daily for best results.

We ensure our crops are USA Grown and non-gmo for only the finest in Hemp Extracts.

Our Full-Spectrum Pain Balm is third party laboratory tested by SD Pharm Labs to ensure potency and purity.


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    A premium CO2 whole-plant extract chalk full of cannabinoids, naturally occurring antioxidants and neuroprotectants.

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    Non GMO & Organic

    Our cultivation facilities are certified Organic. We strive to bring you only the best, highest quality hemp available.

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    100% CANNABIDIOL Purity

    Our whole-plant help extract is third party laboratory tested to ensure quality and potency.

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    Plus Celadrin®

    Celadrin is a proprietary blend of esterified fatty acids that decreases inflammation and lubricates cell membranes. Celadrin has been shown to be six times more effective than both glucosamine and chondroitin.


None of the Bad Stuff

Our products contain NO solvents, glycols or synthetic carriers like PG, PEG or Glycerin. Our premium oils are made using only 100% natural oils and extracts period.

Our High-Grade Oils Are Potent

When it comes to these powerful CO2 extracts, a dab will do! We recommend starting slowly to gauge your dosage level.

Whole-Plant Hemp Extract

Ever since emerging research into the benefits of compounds found in hemp extract, there has been an increasing global demand for this incredible health super-supplement.

Body & Mind Balanced

Life is about balance, and we're here to help.


100mg Full-Spectrum Whole Plant Hemp Extract, Celadrin.


Simply rub the balm onto the affected external area at least twice daily for best results.


  • “I can’t believe how much the pain rub helped my knees!”

    – Annah S, Chicago

  • “Can’t get enough of the pain balm, works like a charm”

    – Mark C, CO

  • “I have had arthritis for years, and this cream is perfect for my joints”

    – Dahlia F., Florida


Modern life is filled with enough distractions and temptations as it is, so we designed our hemp oils to be the perfect balance for your body and mind. Use our two flavors of whole-plant extract to enjoy the many health benefits throughout your day.Body + Mind Balanced
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This Whole-Plant Hemp Extract is supercritical CO2 extracted from USA grown hemp.

Providing a simple option for those wishing to get their cannabinoids in pill form.

Help promote daily health in our furry friends, while easing tensions.