Reward your pet today with these soft & chewy treats! Each contains 5mg of the highest percentage and purest hemp extract with documentation to back it up! Help promote daily health in our furry friends, while easing tensions commonly caused by thunderstorms, fireworks or other triggers. These soft chew treats are safe for dogs teeth and gums, and dogs love the taste!

Our pet treats are fully lab tested by 3rd party laboratory SD Pharm Labs!

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    5MG Per Treat

    Our custom grain-free treat formula also contains Passion Flower, Ginger, and Valerian Root for a natural calming effect!

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    Whole-Plant Based Hemp Extract

    Made from whole-plant hemp CO2 extract, 100% THC-free. High quality, veterinarian-recommended calming dog treats.

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    Fully Lab Tested

    Our supercritical CO2 hemp extract is independently third party tested by SD Pharm Labs to strict Nevada and California standards.



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    5mg Per Treat

    Full Hemp Extract also Contains CBG, CBN, CBC, Terpenes, Phenols, & Flavonoides to Provide the Entourage Effect

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    Whole-Plant Based Hemp Extract

    Made from full spectrum whole-plant hemp CO2 extract. High quality veterinarian recommended pet treats.

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    Fully Lab Tested

    Our supercritical CO2 hemp extract is independently third party tested by Digipath Labs to strict Nevada standards.


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    A premium CO2 whole-plant extract chalk full of cannabinoids, naturally occurring antioxidants and neuroprotectants.

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    Non GMO & Organic

    Our cultivation facilities are Non-GMO. We strive to bring you only the best, highest quality hemp available.

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    80% CANNABIDIOL Purity

    80.2% CBD Purity, compared to our competitors of 17% – 40% on average.

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    100% USA GROWN

    We use only USA grown hemp in all of our hemp extraction products.

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    5mg cannabinoids per treat

    In addition to Cannabidiol, full Hemp Extract also contains CBG, CBN, CBC, Terpenes, Phenols, & Flavonoides to provide the entourage effect.


None of the Bad Stuff

Our products contain NO solvents, glycols or synthetic carriers like PG, PEG or Glycerin. Our premium oils are made using only 100% natural oils and extracts period.

Whole-Plant Hemp Extract

Ever since emerging research into the benefits of compounds found in hemp extract, there has been an increasing global demand for this incredible health super-supplement.

Our Pet Treats Are Potent

When it comes to these powerful CO2 extracts, a dab will do! We recommend starting slowly to gauge your pets dosage level.

Health Centered Development

From the very beginning we have taken health and well-being as our cornerstone to bring you a truly unique product. We hope you will enjoy these products as much as we have ourselves.


Suggested Serving Size:
Less than 25 lbs = 1/2 treat daily.
Between 25 and 75 lbs = 1 treat daily.
More than 75 lbs = 2 treats daily

Please consult your veterinarian for expert recommendations regarding very serious or life-threatening medical conditions. Store treats in a cool, dry, place away from light, extreme heat, or extreme cold.


Whole-Plant Hemp Extract, Passion Flower, L-Tryptophan, Ginger Root, Valerian Root,
L-Theanine, Potato Flour, Chickpea Flour, Chicken Powder, Sunflower Lecithin, Purified Water, Natural
Cheese, Potato Starch, Safflower Oil, Sorbic Acid, Glycerin, Hickory Flavor, Vitamin E, and Ascorbic Acid.


  • “These treats really help my golden retriever, max calm down from the loud noises around our apartment.”

    – Jason
    G, New York

  • “Totally helped my little Scout’s seperation anxiety, no more chewed up house!”

    – Amy L, Colorado

  • “My puppy is picky about treats, but he gobbles these right up. Great for preventative care!”

    – Brandon M., Minnesota


Specially formulated to reduce inflammation, minimize joint pain, and aid movement

Providing a simple option for those wishing to get their cannabinoids in pill form.

This Whole-Plant Hemp Extract is supercritical CO2 extracted from USA grown hemp.