This beautiful view is overlooking the village next to our certified organic farm in Umbari, India.



Our certified organic farm is situated in Umbari, a small Indian village in the Satara district. When standing on our fields, you are surrounded by tall mountains, lush greenery and ancient forests. Our facility is used as a source for more than 400 botanical herbs which we use for our incredible oils. We also use the surrounding forests for the ethical collection of wild herbs to supplement our own production. Our operation is truly sustainable; not only do we grow herbs and spices on our own certified organic farm, but we have also organized and educated the farmers all around us on organic and sustainable practices.

Our promise to you is to ensure all Hempology products are organic and sustainably crafted, seed to shelf.

We Grow Over

This gorgeous picture was taken at the Periyar National Park in Kerala, India.



Hempology believes that we are stewards of our beautiful planet. And as such protectors, we practice organic and biodynamic farming to preserve our ecosystem and natural resources. But our commitment to our planet goes far beyond growing our traditional herbs and spices. One of our sister companies in the Nisarga Biotech Group has been working for decades to create organic farming products and educate local farmers about organic practices.

We Employ
Indian Families

This is another great picture taken by our team at our certified organic farm in Umbari, India.



As a member of the Nisarga Biotech Group, we are a part of the daily lives of over 250 Indian families near Mumbai. Much apart from financial goals, we look to build sustainable long-term organic farming practices that will help protect our local environment. We even cover the organic certification costs for the farmers we work with, something many of the farmers would have never been able to afford on their own.

We also work with local farming cooperatives in India to sustainably wildcraft herbs and spices from the surrounding brush. This is a much more natural resource gathering system than full production farming, and the practice dramatically reduces our impact on the local environment. Through all of these practices, Hempology is deeply devoted to working with our local communities and creating a better world through collaboration.

This is our farm in Umbari, India, where you can see our certified organic crops growing.



Our products are manufactured using only raw materials from our certified organic farms or from the certified organic farming cooperative that we have developed. Our ultra-modern extraction facility is ISO 9001 and cGMP certified. We are a US FDA inspected facility with full manufacturing capability. Located in Satara India near Mumbai, this facility is a full-service production plant with a government inspected research and development laboratory on campus. Our extraction expert, Girish, designed one of the world’s largest CO2 extractors specifically for use in our facility.

Our super-critical extractors operate at pressures of over 5000 psi at very low temperatures, leading to products that are pure, and as close as possible to the raw molecular profiles of each herb. Our Research and Developmental Laboratory is recognized by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR). We utilize an in-house microbiology section to ensure product purity and safety. We are well equipped with three individual testing areas inside our laboratory, and utilize the best available equipment during our product quality control.

These are some of the local farmers we work with and educate on organic farming practices.



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This Whole-Plant Hemp Extract is supercritical CO2 extracted from USA grown hemp.